Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dorothy got it right: There's no place like home.

Long week.

Got part of a toenail removed at the end of last week. Learned that Marcaine works far better than Lidocaine for me. And the toe is healing nicely. No more ingrowns to deal with.

Tuesday had pain management. Talked a few different options. He's ordering a compounded cream for pain. He also ordered PT. I'll call them on Monday to schedule my first session.

After pain management, admission to the hospital for cardiac med changes. I stopped the Lopressor and had to be monitored to start the Sotalol. IV therapy started my IV - I was very dehydrated. And I managed to give myself an anxiety attack with my first dose of Sotalol. Which I thought might happen. So I took Klonapin and managed to relax. And Dr. B ordered Lactated Ringers (1L )for me. Bless him. Had a 3 hour bolus and was finished around 2 am. And I finally stopped peeing every 5 minutes. I love what IV fluids does for the body.

Still had some anxiety the next day. Megan was with me though and we spent time walking around and talking and watching movies. That really helped. Sotalol went better that day, but in the afternoon I started seeing spots and then my heart started to bother me. A couple hours later when the nurse came in, same thing; I saw weird colors and my heart started to bother me. I was in a-fib during that. I had been having A-fib and a few PACs here and there and sinus arrhythmia, which I'd been having pretty much constantly anyway. Had a-fib one more time while I was sleeping as well.

Thursday was better because I knew I was going home. Still had some anxiety and spent the morning in bed, but the afternoon was better. I was discharged around 2230, but hey, got to sleep in my own bed!

I had 6 doses of Sotalol, 7 EKGs, a couple rounds of blood work, several doses of anxiety meds, and a bunch of awesome nurses (and one I didn't care for as much ) and finally something that seems to be working for me.

It'll be a couple months before we decided if the meds are working how we want or not, but I do feel different already. I even stood in the kitchen and baked cookies and threw some veggies in the oven. Hopefully the med will keep working and suppress the sinus arrhythmia more. It's doing a great job on the a-fib so far. I've felt it a little last night and this morning, but still much less than before.

Here's to hoping we find a solution that gets me my life back!

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