Monday, April 25, 2011

Go me.....or FML

I lifted a pot from the stove, and dislocated my wrist halfway to the sink. And in my battle cry of pain, I dislocated my jaw as well. Fan-frickin-tastic! I'm sure that'll feel good at work tomorrow....

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Finally updating this

So I went to the ENT on Tuesday. I didn't particularly want to be there because I didn't really expect to find anything, and even my neuro didn't think we would get anything there. But she admitted she didn't know what else to do.

She numbed me up and scoped me and found two things remarkable (hey, didn't expect to get one and I got two? lucky me :-\ ). First, my larynx is damaged. There's a lot of wear and tear and inflammation that just doesn't belong. Basically, it's in rough shape. This could be the reason I always feel like I have something in my throat and want to clear it or cough constantly, or doing all of that could have cause the damage. We don't really know.
Second, I have a VERY absent gag reflex. When someone is poking around the back of your throat with a scope, you should be coughing or gagging or begging for mercy. I didn't do anything. I felt it there, and it felt like I might have needed to cough, but there was no reflex to do anything about the intrusion. So this could explain some of the choking sensation. I might be getting food hung up and not having the sensation enough to reflexively clear it.

Bottom line, I've earned myself some time with a speech therapist. Oh goody.

I also changed my diet this week. I switched completely and strictly to a gastroparesis friendly diet. I don't know if I have GP, but a lot of the symptoms fit and so far nobody has been able to come up with anything better. For four days, I did much better eating and drinking. It was still difficult since I'm not used to meals, but I was getting a lot down. More than I have in ages. Yesterday I started having more heartburn and reflux, and today it got worse, with more stomach pain, fullness feeling, nausea, the works. So I didn't eat nearly as much today as I would have liked. But I had to stop. So right now my stomach hurts and I'm nauseated and having reflux, but I've also taken my klonopin for the night, which helps the nausea some.


So, I ended up going to bed before I could finish this last night. I was tired and I just wanted to lay down. I woke up this morning with a lot of reflux and stomach pain. I feel really draggy and just....not great.
I took my meds in applesauce like I normally do, but that was all I could manage. (It was about 1/4 - 1/3 cup...enough for the meds and to wash the taste down). I'm having a lot of reflux and coughing, some of it sounding really junky in my lungs. I poured myself a Sierra Mist Natural on ice in my thermal mug, and I'm going to work on sipping on that to keep my blood sugar in check (hopefully). And I've got all my regular diet food in the fridge which is plenty bland and soft, in the hopes I can actually eat something later.
But right now, I just feel like crap. I'm hoping some rest will help.